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.35 Remington Pump Action

Thanks for having me! as for ADKBEARS friend i'd say if it wasn't the hunter it was the scope i had the same problem a few years back in pennsylvania and missed agood buck cleanly. went back to the rang and the scope was shooting 12" to the right. gunsmith told me it was the older rings on the scope. I changet to better scope rings and killed a doe the following week at 75yds with no problem. I guess we all sag alittle with age. you can still get ammo at wal_mart and anywhere else that fine guns are sold. Honady mow has spearpoint amo tha will not blow uo in the tubular magazine (Supposedly) i checked at DICK"S sporting goods and they had them but at 25.00 I'll stick to my 200gr round.i now live in Kentucky by the way and this saturday starts our gun season. Wish me luck I'm going to need it. Blackbear i hope all this info is helping you make a decision.

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.35 Remington Pump Action

The 35 Rem is a decent moderate range cartridge. In the pumps I've seen in this caliber, my only concern would be accuracy...but this is for older rifles with alot of rounds through them. It seems 6" groups or so at 100 yds was common with a 4x scope. I would take a look at the remington 7600s in this cartridge if you want a pump. The Hornady ammo works well...I don't think the bullet is offered as a handloading component yet.

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Rem 14/141

The Rem 141 is a good rifle, but the Rem 760 in 35 Rem would be a better choice.......the Rem 7600 in 35 Whelen would be even better.

Hornady New Evolution 200gr ammo should be excellent in 35 Rem.

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.35 Remington Pump Action

I had a Rem 760 game master chambered in 30/06. Only thing I didnt like about that weapon was the KICK. Never in my life had an 06 that would plumb near belt me off the tree stand. The 35 has nowhere near the same recoil as an 06 though. As far as shooting, that old 760 would split hairs all day. Was actually quite surprised at its accuracy since it was a pumper. But I got rid of it because of the recoil. Just wasnt a joy to shoot something that made or farm mule seem like a lightweight. But if I had a chance at one chambered in .35 id jump all over it as long as it was in good shape.

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.35 Remington Pump Action

I'm new to the site, but had to jump in on this topic.
camo69 - i'll bet you have the 'carbine' model with the 18" barrel that only weighs 6 and 1/4 lbs. my father had one and we both hated that gun. it made your ears hurt and your sholder bruised. 30-06 has way too much kick for an 18" barrel and a 6 lb featherweight rifle.
6" group at 100 yards??? Not unless you got the shakes. I currently hunt with a remington model 14 pump rifle in 30 remington calibur. Trust me on this - with the very fine factory sights and a sandbag rest, I can shoot a sub- 1 inch group all day long at 50 yards. (my eyes just don't do so good at 100 yards anymore). I was just at the range yesterday and was key-holeing shots at 50 yards. Unless the rifle was abused you can get 1 to 1 and 1/2 MOA accuracy out of these rifles. Even with me needing to get my eyeglass prescription changed, I can shoot groups under 4 inches at 100 yards. (and no, taking it hunting and/or cleaning it after rifle season instead of after each visit to the field is not abuse)

I'm thinking of putting a scope on her just for fun and I would bet sub-MOA accuracy would be no problem.

Just make sure it eats 35 Rem ammo - everything else is too much of a pain to deal with unless you really love handloading. Nothing like running out of ammo during a deer season and having to order ammo and/or handloading components via internet that arrive the day after deer season ends.

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.35 Remington Pump Action

When I was a kid I watched my big brother shoot the head off of a rooster pheasant at about 75 yards. Many years later he shot a doe running across a field at 150 yards +/-. His was a 336 Marlin.

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