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Yes, I will also agree!

Like ElkKill...I too have only seen one true 40 incher, and it too was in the mid 90s! ...and I was lucky enough to chase him all over three mountains for three days! I even had him at less 100 yards, me looking straight up a rock wall, and he leaning out over the cliff edge to check me out! Providing for a great silhouette shot of just his head & rack!


3 seasons ago, as I was cleaning a decent 160 class 24 incher, I spied a bruiser up on the ridge above, spying on me! ...and he was like in that 36-38" range.


Over the last 3 seasons I have eyed ~2 dozen 30-35 inchers, all over Colorado, three of the 4 corners! ...Northwest, northeast and southeast! ....and everywhere in between!