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I actually found a supply of

I actually found a supply of brass but now I need to find a local supply of powder for it. I have found it on line but I refuse to pay that hazard shipping fee that they are charging.

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I had to look that up.

I had to look that up. 2500fps with a 200 gr bullet would make a good close in hunting rifle. I noticed the 358 Win also. Both get about the same with the 200gr bullet. I wonder if the rifle could be re-chambered to 358 Win? At least it would be easy to get ammo that way. $60-$90 a box scare's me off.

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The .348 is a much larger

The .348 is a much larger cartridge than the .358; bore is smaller, but cartridge is bigger, overall. The .358 is actually the cartridge that finally killed off the fine .348. Winchester came out with their M88 in .358 and it was easily scoped, where the M71/.348 was not. It lasted about 2 more years after the debut of the M88/.358 and then Winchester dropped the M71 which was the only rifle ever factory chambered for the .348. The .348 was also the only cartridge the M71 was ever made in; so a strange coupling there.

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