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338rum or 450 marlin?

There are more bears around than most people are aware of. I think we have three resident bears on our 150 acres. I know there are two on the northern bordering 80 acres. Maybe they're the same ones.
As far as the wolves go, they have spread out from the forests and are now making pests of themselves in more populated areas. In Taylor county, there have been several dogs killed and people scared. Our neighbors have had them chase their dogs! People with smaller children are a little concerned, and I can't say I blame them.
I don't believe there will be any hunting season on them anytime soon.

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338rum or 450 marlin?

Mr. V, If it wasn't bad enough having to worry about the bears in the neighborhood chewing on the family dog, now you have the wolves too. I would be a little nervous too letting the kids outside to play. What does the DNR have to say about that. Let me guess....nothing! BBB

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