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yeah that one had me scratchin' my head. thanks for making it clear.

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Enjoy your new toy and all

Enjoy your new toy and all the adventures that come with it. IMO the 388wm is just about the perfect big game caliber. As for the accubonds? If your rifle likes em accuracy wise you'll love em performance wise. 

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i tried

I tried to post some pictures of the rifle. I took them with my wifes phone camera. A guy at work told me the format was too big. Any suggestions? I went and shot it the other day too. The recoil didn't surprise me. It wasn't like shootin' a 22, but it sure wasn't as bad as what everyone was making it out to be.

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$70? I'd take up reloading if

$70? I'd take up reloading if I were you. 

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Later this year

I will for sure reload. But I just spent around $3000 for the rifle and scope and essential cleaning stuff. So it's going to be at least a few months before I start going after all that I need for reloading. And I still need a couple more things for the rifle yet.

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Congrats on what is sure to be good medicine for whatever crosses your path!!! Agree on the reloading equipment. I shoot several powder burners and I enjoy shooting all year round and the only way to afford it is to reload. With all the reloading equpment flying off the shelves, maybe, just maybe the prices of loaded ammo will come down!! I do sometimes live in Dream World!!!LOL!! But a Man can Dream!!! Good luck and keep us posted!!

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