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.338 Remington Ultra Mag - Shoulder Breaker?
rost495 wrote:
Not so proud owner of a citation for having a hatchet stuck in a live tree in a national forest.........

They don't like screw in tree stand steps either.

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on rost495 note

logically the smaller body would feel the recoil less because the less mass of the shooter, the easier it is for their body to move.
the heavier shooter would not move as much from the recoil makeing him absorb way more of the energy. this is the reason you feel more kick when in prone vs standing. when standing the rifle only has to move the mass of your upper body, but when prone it is pushing against the length of your body or your whole mass instead of half. then comes into play how soft you are (fat vs muscle)

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.338 Remington Ultra Mag - Shoulder Breaker?

not when your pumped up and about to fire on an animal but at the range youd probably feel it

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