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338 Mag or 270 Mag, which one

The 338 Mag or 270 Mag. Which one would you use to hunt with. I have a 338 Mag. however many have told me the 270 Mag is a better, flat shooting gun for most game in North America. Please respond with your opinions. I am going to Colorado in November to hunt Mulies.

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Re: 338 Mag or 270 Mag, which one

Do you have a coin to toss up in the air to decide? My personal feelings is that the .338 mag is the way to go but then I hunt elk with a .340 Weatherby pushing 185gr bullets at around 3300 fps. But then if you already have the .270 Weatherby it would be a hard choice. Both will get the job done with room to spare.

A lot of help aint I???