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.325 WSM light bullet loads

I'm working up an antelope load for my buddy in his .325 WSM and wanted to run something by some WSM guys...
I'm using 150 gr Speer HotCor bullets and was hoping to get them up above 3350, but so far no luck without pressure issues. I've tried mostly medium speed powders so far, but that's just because that's what the books have suggested.
63.5 gr IMR 4064 at 3290
72 gr Ramshot Big Game at 3260
70.5 gr IMR 4007SSC at 3240
71.5 gr Alliant RL 17 at 3340
72 gr Hodgdon H414 at 3320
73 gr Hodgdon H414 at 3380, but too hot

Soooooooo, given that the slower powders are giving me the better velocities, should I try something more like RL 19, N160, IMR 4350, Acc 3100, H4831, etc?
I've got most of the slow powders on the market, but I'm assuming the books are suggesting that I stick with what I've done due to case capacity and bore:powder ratios. Meaning, I probably couldn't fit enough RL 19 or RL22 into the case to improve my velocity. Does that seem right?
Anyway, anybody have any suggestions or interesting loads with 150 gr bullets in this little hot rod.

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.325 WSM light bullet loads

I know nothing about any of the short mags. Isn't the 325 an 8mm dia? I would think that the 150gr bullet's were made for the 8x57 and might not hold up to magnum velocities. If memory serves me right, the biggest down fall of the 8mm Rem was lack of bullet's.

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Stick to what you have

I always believe in doing the things that fits you. If you're good with 150 gr, stick to what you have. Unfortunately, we can't get everything that we wanted from our guns, bullets, powders and we have to adjust. Slow powders are not that bad and from the looks of your velocity, you really have something good going.

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