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.308 win.

I was wondering if anybody has any information about the gun and calibre of rifle i am using. Stamped on the barrel is --Savage Arms-- Westfield, Mass USA
its a Savage 99c Series A.

i am turning 17 and around 125-130 lbs. i have shot this gun and the recoil is not a problem to me, What can i expect from the Calibre of this gun during this years whitetail season?

any information on how this calibre will preform and what i can use it on would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys,

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.308 win.

very fine whitetail rifle. hope you enjoy it Thumbs up

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.308 win.

I shoot a .308 Browning Lever and love it.

The .308 consistently makes the top 10 all-around calibre lists, and probably ranks in the top 3 of "deer calibres". In fact my father in law shoots your exact rifle. Using off the shelf factory ammo it's an ideal "all-around" deer calibre - it has reasonable ranges (about 300yds max, but I'd probably stay under 200 until you have an idea how tight your barrel shoots). It will also work beautifully on bear and elk, and even moose although you'll cut your range in half.

I shoot plain-jane Winchester 150grs and my rifle ( a Browning) likes them just fine.

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.308 win.

308 is an awesome deer round. Depending on what type of hunting you will be doing and what ranges will determine the bullet to choose. Personally I use the 150 grain plain ol power shok soft point federals. I am going to use the 180 grain federals for woods hunting here in MN and use the 150 grainers for open plains in SD. Savage 99 is a fine gun. Becoming a collectors item too!! Should serve you well for many years. Good Luck.

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.308 win.

You have an excellent rifle/caliber combo there. I had one a quite a few years back but sold it and have been looking ever since. I see them every once in a while in 308 win. Enjoy the rifle. Don't ever think that you are under-gunned with that caliber. Thumbs up

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.308 win.

The 99 is a true classic, can't go wrong there. The 308 is a fine time tested round for deer, bear and larger. Back in the early 70's my dad did a trip to Newfoundland for Moose and Bou his -06 had technical dificulties the night before he left so he took his 308 instead and scored both killing the moose at around 300 yds. He said he thought the distance was a streach and when they cut the moose open he found the nosler partition bullet in the center of the animals heart.

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.308 win.

There was the 99C and the 99E made by Savage in either 243or 308m The 99C has a detachable magazine(preferred) and the 99E a drop down internal mag.
Series A I believe was the earlier( 1st produced) and checkering and style was the only Series differences. ( I could be a litle off on this so don't shoot the messenger)
Regardless, All 99s were quality firearms and continue to be.

For some reason they seem to like to retain moisture more than other levers, so clean and lube well after exposure and enjoy your Very great 308 Thumbs up

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.308 win.

It should work great. I've never shot the Savage, but the caliber is fine. Try several kinds of ammunition through it to see what gets the best groups out of it, and if it were me for deer; I would start with ammo in the 160/165 grain range for deer in the .308 for best groupings.
Good luck.

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