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308 vs 280 Ackley Improved

Hey guys, looking into getting a new hunting rilfe. Out of what I'm looking at, it comes chambered in 308, 280 AI, 30-06, and 270. I have a 270 it just has seen better days. I really kinda narrowed it down to the 280 AI and the 308. I hunt elk, mule deer, antelope, sheep, and everything inbetween. I'm also looking for something that can get out and touch em at greater distances too. So whatcha think?? Thanks guys

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308 vs 280 Ackley

Either one would work fine for the animals that you mentioned. I think a .280 Ackley would be cool. It's almost as fast as a 7mm Rem mag.

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The only consideration here

The only consideration here is the rifle itself. The 308 will be dandy in a sshort action rifle with a 20" to 22" barrel. According to Hornady the 280 will give a 1160 gr bullet about 2800fos; the 308 with a 165 gr will do about 2600 fps. If you use the 160 gr bullet in the 308 and the 162 gr in the 280, the 7mm bullet will have a range edge. Compare the 162 gr Hornady in 7mm to the 165 gr Hornady in 308 and the 7mm bullet has a greater BC, greater SD and 200fps more velocity. But the 280 needs a long action and will, in my opinion, work best in a 24" barrel. Change it to the 30-06 and you'll close the gap on velocity and both would have the same long action.

for all real would difference's at normal hunting ranges, there's not a lot of difference. The 308 would be more than adequate and so would the 280. 

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I'd take the .280 AI, but I

I'd take the .280 AI, but I always like to be different. And I'm a 7mm fan anyway.

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