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308 range report - various powders

I loaded the same mil surp projectiles in 308 cartridges with a variety of powders and tried them all from the same semi auto rifle last night. My go to load of IMR4350 delivered a 2 inch group at 100 yards, as did Reloader 7, and Reloader 15 which I had not used in 308 before. IMR4320, IMR4895, and Alliant 2400 had groups from six to eight inches. My friend swears that IMR4320 is the most accurate powder in his 308 loads, but you have to test them yourself since every rifle is different….

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The best powders I've ever

The best powders I've ever had in the 308 were W748, BLC/2, Imr 30

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Dont rule out Varget, I have

Dont rule out Varget, I have sub MOA out of a tuned Rem 700

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