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the owner dosen't care too

the owner dosen't care too much since his buissness isn't " booming" right now. We can only hunt one maybe two different types of game, but only one a piece. It's usally a young Muley or Caribou or a Cow Elk.

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I also would go with a

I also would go with a 165-180 gr bullet. My favorite bullet in it is the 165. have used the 180 and it shoots well and just may penetrate deeper. You need penetration. I've never shot an animal with a 150 gr bullet in my 308's. Just feel uncimfortable with that light a bullet in 30 cal. But placed properly it will probably work. I wouldn't shoot into any heavy meat or bones.

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Up here in Alaska we see lots of hunters come up with huge cannons. I am not sure why because almost everything we hunt can be takken with a .270 or .308. The exception mihjt be costal Griz. I use my ,270 with 130 gr. for caribou and step up to 165 grain for moose. End of story. If I thought I was going to bang a bear I would look for something that tosses a 200+ gr.



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Evidently the critters in your part of Alaska don't have internet access, so they don't know that they can't be killed with anything smaller than a cannon. Big smile

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