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.308 case to make 7mm.08

Here ya go,

139gr Hornady
start max
AA 2495 33.2@2400fps 40.6@2800fps
IMR4064 34.1 41.1
varget 33.5 41.5
RL-15 33.5 41.9
viht N-140 35.0 40.4@2700fps
IMR 4350 39.5 46.5@2800fps
AA 4350 41.0 45.0@2700fps
WIN 760 40.1 48.9@2900fps
H 414 40.8 49.9
VIHT N-160 41.5 48.o@2800fps

tested in a 24" barrel Hornady cases Rem 9 1/2 primer's
Max case length 2.035
Case trim length 2.025

There ya go. Pretty much the same as their last book. I've never had a problem getting their bullet's to shoot well with their data.

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.308 case to make 7mm.08

TY Don.....Id have to order the dang book....Cant find one around here for some dern reason and I didnt wanna have to wait a week to play Laugh

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.308 case to make 7mm.08

able ammo has 7mm-08 brass in stock.

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