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308 Barrel Twist

Anyone have any thoughts on barrel twist for a 308 if the objective is to shoot 165 grain bullets? 1-10 or 1-12? Does it matter since I've seen a lot of good evidence to support both?

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308 Barrel Twist

1-10" is more common to handle the more streamline heavier weights. While I haven't run a program on the issue, I would say 1-12" is more appropriate. That said, I also have been a proponenet, of when in doubt a tad faster is better than a tad slower. If you are over stabilized slightly, you may find to things. At shorter range, it takes time for the bullet to "sleep", therefore you may not see it's real accuracy potenial untill 100-200 yds. Then again at extreme range their are other problems, But these range are way out there beyond the norm of hunting.
Personally, in a rifle barrel, I would go with the 12" twist if I had no plans of shooting anything over a 200 gr. VLD.


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308 Barrel Twist

The 165gr will work well in both. The 1-10 will allow you to use heavier bullets if you ever need to. The 1-12 will work with the lighter ones.

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