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Are you talking about the

Are you talking about the moly coated bullets when you talk about blue coated bullets?

I thought the moly coated bullets were designed to have a cleaner travel down the barrel, less wear on the barrel and prolong barrel life.Confused

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The XLC's that Barnes made

The XLC's that Barnes made and were coated with molly reduced friction in the barrel and lowered the pressure as far as shoothing the same bullet without the coating.  With the pressure reduced you could add some more powder into the case and get up to 200 fps more out of the round. 

The only problem with them is that they don't make them anymore and if you like to shoot them and find any you had better buy all that the store has.  I already have. 

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Ecubackpacker....yes, i

Ecubackpacker....yes, i believe they were the moly coated bullets.  Again, I have not used them to know if there is an issue.  

Critter.....do you why they stopped making them?

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Another 300WSM load

If you haven't settled on a load for your 300 WSM yet you might want to look at the Barnes Tipped TSX 168 GR Boat Tail bullet. I like to use one bullet and load recipe for each of my rifles regardless of what I am hunting. I worked a load up for my Kimber 8400 and that particular rifle REALLY like 63.5 grains of Win 760 underneath the aforementioned bullet. I took my cow elk with it this year and she dropped in her tracks. I read several articles about this bullet and it sounded really impressive and if my experience with the cow holds true for my bull, I will be using them in all my calibers. I did have to tweak the powder charge but once I found that magic number I have been more than satisfied with the accuracy of this load/rifle combination. I don't remember the exact numbers offhand but with a ballistic coefficient of .470, and a velocity of around 3000 fps, the point blank range of this load is way out there. Thumbs up

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