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300 wsm and 30-06 load for elk

My father and I are going on our first elk hunt this fall. I will be shooting a 300 wsm and he will be shooting a 30-06. What is the best bullet weight and bullet type for each rifle?
I have read good things about the Barnes triple shock X bullet and the Barnes MRX bullet. We only hunt whitetails so we're new to the west hunting. Thanks for any suggestions.

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300 wsm and 30-06 load for elk

180 grain winchester supreme accubonds for your 300 wsm. there all i use in mine Thumbs up Thumbs up Thumbs up

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300 wsm and 30-06 load for elk

You can't go wrong with a 180 gr Barnes X or Partitions. I've used both out of a .30 cal.

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300 wsm and 30-06 load for elk

I used 168gr Barnes over IMR 4350 in my 300 Win Mag. Sub inch group at a 100 yards.


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300 wsm and 30-06 load for elk

I load 180gr Accubonds and 180gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claws for the 300wsm and 180gr Nosler Partitions for the 30-06. Because they fly well and they are very good bullets.
It probably isn't neccesary for me to load the TBBC's but they are a great bone breaker in the heavy timber.

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300 wsm and 30-06 load for elk

All the bullets mentioned will get the job done. Try different 180gr bullets & see which one shoots the best in your rifle. I prefer Nosler Partitions but i wouldn't be afraid to use the Bearclaws or the Accubonds. Goodluck on your upcoming hunt!

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300 wsm and 30-06 load for elk

Believe it or not but 150gr accubonds out of the .06 is Elk medicine. They are perfect for Elk size game. Most people will go with heavier bullets(180gr) which is ok but. But with the 150gr accubonds you have the best of both worlds. Example: Accubonds are known for heavy boned deep penetration on game, but with 150gr they expand violently but not directly on impact they expand greatly nearly half way inside game causing massive shock with still good penetration. With the 180gr they do not expand as quickly and does not cause as much of a shock becuase expansion occurs later. I have learned that quick expansion is vital to a quick expiration. So to make a long story short try 150gr accubond they are deadly, and I know from experience.

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300 wsm and 30-06 load for elk

Stay around 180 at least you might make a not so good shot and that will work best. Had to edit missed a d

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Best Bullet for Elk

I know lots of people are going to tell you to use one of the better known newer "super bullets". I think they are fine, if they shoot well from your two rifles. However, before I spent alot of money trying them all out at the range, I'd load up some good ole fashioned Reminton Core-Lokt bullets in both 165 gr and 180 gr. loads. Check them out in each rifle. If the 165 gr. shoots better in a given rifle, don't be afraid to use it. If the 180 gr. shoots better, you've found the answer to all your problems. I've hunted elk for over 35 years with an old '06 and these bullets. My son shoots them through his high velocity 300 Mag. Neither of us have had anything like a bullet failure with them on elk. They penetrate, they expand reliably, and they hold together. They just deliver an awesome shock to an elk's system if you put them in the boiler room. Use any good bullet that shoots well and is 165 gr or better. Practice with your load enough to be able to hit the boiler room out to 275 - 300 yrds. Use good sense when you do take a shot. You won't have a problem. However, spend $1.00 / bullet on the high priced stuff, don't practice enough with it, then put a shot in the rump and you're in for the chase of a lifetime over several miles of steep terrain. Probably to never find your bull. A Barnes X in the butt just won't do the trick !!! A Remington Core-Lokt in the boiler room won't fail !!! Remember, thousands of elk fell to a plain old solid 50 cal. lead round ball in the 1800's. But those ole men practiced enough to put them where they needed to go.
Just an Old Mountain Man's perspective.

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300 wsm and 30-06 load for elk

I had the experience of trying out a friends new Remington 7600 30/06 a few years ago.

After hours at the range I can honestly tell you that his rifle did not like 180 Gr Remington Core Lockt's.

We replaced the scope and also replaced the ammo with some 165 Gr Ammo and his groups were cut in half.

I would reccomend Hornady Light Magnum Ammo for the '06


Another suggestion for the short mag would be the Federal 180 Gr, premium ammo that they sell.


I believe that I bought some about a month ago that had Speer Hot Cor bullets and they are not bad when it comes to penetration and down range accuracy.

Just keep your shots under 300 yards and you should be fine.

My brother in law is a guide in Colorado for a outfit out of Gunnison , and he told me that they had lot's of problems with Nosler Partitions - where they would not open up in his 30/06 and that was with a pet accuracy load - 2700 fps.

There are lots of bullets in the $1 each range that proclaim to do wonders.

But I would bet that just as many were shot with the Remington Core Lockt's as was shot with anything else.

There is nothing wrong with Winchester Supreme

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300 wsm and 30-06 load for elk

Well, the safest answer is what shoots best out of your particular rifles...
I have hunted Elk for years with a 30-06 and would recommend a 180 grain bullet. I prefer and use Nosler Partitions for Elk, and if using "off the shelf ammo" see how the Federal's shoot with this bullet from your rifles. I'm not familiar with loadings for the 300 wsm, but would think there is ammo available with the Partition bullet. I have never been disappointed in the performance of this bullet on Elk.
If you get good groups with this ammunition, go with that and you can't go wrong. The Partition will hold up extremely well should you hit any bone.
Have fun, and good luck.

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