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300 winchster to much for deer????

The 300 would be great if you are shooting with some distance between you and the deer. Like 200 yards or more.

Your 260 will work for must deer hunting. I have a 300 RUM and it's for moose, but if I could have controlled conditions and the deer stood very still. I could go out to 300 plus yards and get a kill shoot for deer.


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300 winchster to much for deer????

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH FOR DEER!!! However there is too much for certain people to shoot accurately! What I am trying to say is that the kill zone on a deer is roughly the size of a pie tin and you are not going to ruin any meat if you shoot it with the 300. If you can accurately shoot that gun as well as the 260 without flinching, the smarter choice is the 300. The reason is this If you hunt long enogh, you WILL someday make a shot that is less than ideal, when this happens, its nice to have the extra that the 300 has. WE all hope that this never happens, but every now and then it may, the 300 will do things to a deer that the 260 wont. I cant shoot a 300 accurately, so I dont shoot a gun that big, but if you can then go for it.
I know that this post by me will start some arguments and that some people will say that if a deer shot in the guts wont die any faster if shot with a 300 than a 260, my comment will be .... HOW DO YOU KNOW have you shot one in the guts with both???
And before you ask I have seen deer shot with VERY POOR shots with large calibers like this, that slowed down deer long enough for second and third shots.
Many of these poor first shots with my wifes 243 would not have slowed the deer down enough for a second or third probably. Hope this helps

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