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.300 win mag/.270 favorite powders

Hey everyone--I have a quick question for all you reloading experts.

Now that hunting season is over and my deck is completed (for the most part anyway!!!) I officially have free time to work up good loads for my .270 and .300 win mag.  I have reloaded the .270 before but was pretty poor when I did it and was not able to really do it right, so I am not really happy with that load and I am starting from scratch there.  My question for you all is what is your favorite powder for either gun.  If it is the same powder for both that would even be better but no big deal if it isnt.  I realize that every gun shoot differently but I was just wanted some information as to what powders you would suggest I start with.  I have used IMR 4350 for the .270 in my last loads but never got really good groups with it.    Thanks in advance.

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My friends and I load for 4

My friends and I load for 4 different 300's we all have found good loads using 4831, none of us uses the exact same load but they are all close and shoot well.

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Been experimenting with Reloader 22 in my Rem 300 win mag and have been pleased with the results.  Have had some favorable results with IMR 4350 with lighter bullets (165gr) in the same gun.

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IMR for both

I think IMR 7828 will work well for both.  It's typically used for large magnums, but I like the velocity and accuracy I get from it in my .270 Win. A side benefit is that because it's such a slow burning powder, your rifles barrel won't overheat as fast, and each spend empty case won't be so hot to the touch after you extract them. Big smile

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I haven't loaded for either

I haven't loaded for either one in a whole lot of years. One powder for both I would think H4831 should work very well. I'd also give Rl22 a chance. Last time I worked with either of them my powder was N205. Thats a long time ago!

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In my .270 I found that I

In my .270 I found that I like Reloader RL-15 and RL-22 the best.

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I have real good luck with

I have real good luck with 4350 ends up pushing a 180gr  @ 2995 which is right where I want it


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