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.300 WIN MAG too powerfull?

I have never thought about that...

On my old 30-06 you could chamber a round and then manually release the tension on the spring, thereby renedering the gun impossible to fire. When I saw something I wanted to shoot, I drew back the plunger to coil the spring (similar amount of time to cocking a hammer) and I'd be good to go. Never even used the safety on it. She had only a 2 1/4 lb trigger pull, a light breeze would make it fire, so I either walked with no round chambered, or with a round chambered and the spring released.

I love a crisp light trigger pull. I didn't think about the fact that my new Weatherby doesn't have any way to dis-engage the firing pin. All it has is a side safety. I don't "believe" in safety's so it looks like I'll be walking with the rifle unchambered. If I need to take a very quick close range shot, I've got my .44 I can draw!


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