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.300 win mag reduced recoil really work ?

Remington clamins that their Managed Recoil rounds will reduce the recoil by 50% of the cartridge's kick. Now that would be around a .308 or so of kick from their .300 Managed recoil bullets. Do they actually reduce the recoil of the .300 down to 2600 fps or a .308's recoil ? What are even better mangaed or reduced recoil .300 bullets that work much better. ( They do NOT need to be for hunting !!  ) The rifle I will be shooting from is a Savage Trophy Hunter 111 .300 win mag weighing 8.25 lbs ( I don't know if that is scoped or not but when I would use it I would have it scoped ), how much recoil energy will it have if the Remington Managed Recoil bullets clock at 2650 fps and weigh 150 grains.

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The managed recoil loads are

The managed recoil loads are just a down loaded round for that caliber. So instead of shooting a .300 Whinchester round with its standard velosity and bullet weight you are shooting a slower velosity and lighter bullet in the same cartrige. Reloaders have been doing this for years. And yes they do work.

You might want to read what Chuck Hawks has to say about them.


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At 2650 FPS, that particular load would recoil even less than a typical 150gr .308 (typical loads are ~ 2820 FPS) in like weight rifles. That is, obviously a lot less recoil than a typical 150gr .300mag (of any type). It also should kill at least as well as any 150gr .300 Savage (old but a great deer round) or a 30-30 which has killed an ocean or two of deer in it's 116 yr run (150gr @ 2480) . The manufacturers of these loads have also tuned the bullet's construction to the lower velocities, giving optimum performance at those velocities.

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