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.300 win. mag.-is it too big for deer

I am fond of the saying: dead is dead. I believe in caring enough gun. sure you can kill a deer with a 243 lots have been. I personally like a little more power. If shot placement is correct their is no more meat wasted with a large caliber than a small one. But, most importantly you should hunt with a gun that you have utmost confidence in. And, you only gain confidence by shooting lots of rounds. Larger calibers have larger recoil and are less enjoyable to shoot that much is certain. I guess what it come down to is what can you shoot well. Because a bad shot placement is a bad shot regardless of the gun used.

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Powder burn & velocity
Idaho Big Game Hunter wrote:
BTW - I've been told that the slower burning powders build up more pressure - thus more velocity. If you're looking for slower velocities, then you would need a little faster powder right? Somebody correct me if I'm wrong on this.

Not necessarily. The trick is to burn all of the powder at exact moment your round leaves the muzzle. If the powder burns too quickly, you're losing pressure on the tail of the round as it finishes its trip through the bore. On the other hand, if it burns too slowly, you are just wasting some of the energy as it continues to burn after the round has left the bore. It takes some tinkering to get the balance just right.

.300 win. mag.-is it too big for deer

I shall once again reiterate on the 300 Win mag being not to light for any deer!

The 300 Win mag is no different than a 7mm mag using 140 grain bullets, when it comes to killing deer. It too will cause bloodshot meat, if the bullet hits a rear quarter or especially the shoulder area's.

The big key when using a magnum caliber like the 300 or 7mm mag, is to use a well constructed bullet on the animal intended to be harvested. Now many of the so called factory Non - Premium Bullets, will NOT hold up to the higher velocities of animals shot closer in verses farther out (giving the velocity of the bullet a chance to slow down) down range. So spend that extra 2bits and get a good bullet to match your rifle when looking for that trophy.

Years ago I shot lots of different brands of bullets through my 300 Win mag but only used the Nosler Partition bullets, when it came time to go hunting for big game animals. Nowdays hunters are very fortunate to have so many excellent premium bullets in which to make their choices.

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.300 win. mag.-is it too big for deer

Well I have to disagree a bit here. It doesn't really matter what you shoot a deer with if you properly place your bullet. This business of killing is always put in the context of can this or that cartridge do it. The answer is yes, any cartridge from a 22 LR to a SAC Missle will cleanly kill any deer in north america, including elk and moose.

With that said, can you kill a deer? Can you really handle what your shooting and do you know how to use what it is you are shooting? Do you understand what it takes to kill? Do you understand that you never, repeat, NEVER, have to pull the trigger?

So in the hands of some, a 250 Savage is a much better choice than a 300 mag or even a 30-06, no matter how big that deer is! The rifle, scope, cartridge and bullet's are meerly the tool's to get the job done. The question is "can you use them?"

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.300 win. mag.-is it too big for deer

If I'm using factory ammo, I normally use Remington Core-Lokt, it handles just fine and is time-proven.

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.300 win. mag.-is it too big for deer

I think you guys are right, it all depends on the bullets you use if you have a 300 mag. you can hunt anything you want in North America and I wouldn't hesitate to take it to africa with the bullets you can choose from nowdays, but for deer you should use a faster expanding bullet in it, like a nosler ballistic tip or silver tip, I don't have a 300 mag. but my dad has a 7 mag and he shoots 150 gr nosler ballistic silver tips and has awesome luck on mule deer with it.

The .308 cal is only 24 thousandts(.024)bigger in dia. than the 7mm so,, if you used close to that grain of bullet the results should be pretty close to the same. velocities won't be much different either.

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.300 win. mag.-is it too big for deer

the ballistic tips are worthless compared to the partitions or accubonds,I know this from first hand exsperience,nosler even admits that only the heviest bullet in each caliber is the only one the suggest for hunting game animals.

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DADS gun

Well dads been hunting with a .300 Win Mag since he was a Jounior in high school for every thing. I dont consider my dad to be a marksman by any means but he did kill 3 deer this year with his Ruger M/77. Shooting 150 grain Nosler partion bullets. He shot a 130 pound white tail right in the neck at about 80 yds and the deer never moved after it fell in it's tracks. Then he shot a 200 pound muley at about 15 yds and killed it dead ( NO FLOPING) Then he killed a dandy Muley that ended up being close to 275 pounds on the rail (No head hide or internals) at 550 yards. This shot is obviously not your normal shooting ranges. The buck also never moved after taking a shot right to the heart. This shot shold only be even attempted when haveing the right rest,wind,weather,and attitude.

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.300 win. mag.-is it too big for deer

If a 300wm was the only rifle I had. Then it's not to much.
If I had a second 300 yd rifle from 243win to 30-06. It would be a better choice.

A 24" or 26" barreled 300wm will eat the slower powders better.
I like the powder to fill the case to at least 90% for hunting rounds but, not more than it takes to get the bullet out the end of the barrel. It can get to a point where your just stuffing more powder and not increasing any performance.

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.300 win. mag.-is it too big for deer

My opinion form first hand experience is that the 300 win mag is absolutely too big for either mule or whitetail for me. Both deer I shot (perfect shoulder shots) were certainly dead-IMMEDIATELY! but, there was much meat damage (unnecessary) for me to ever use one again. Bullet came in no problem-but came out with darn near the whole ribcage. Exit wound was the size of a soccer ball. Both times I was devastated by what a waste it was. I should have learned the first time on the whitetail at 75 yards. The muley was about 150-180 and the same thing happened. For me who loves venison (the venison both mule and white is superb from the area I hunt and most folks say its the best they have ever had even better than elk!) its wheatfields for as far as the eye can see and it makes them taste phenomonal. I switched to the 270wsm and have had exceptable kills with it for 2 years now including one elk. But I am now considering goint to 30 cal-possibly 30-06 and use 150's for both species of deer and 180-200's for elk. I loved the 300 win mag it was atack driver and I had a few of the best shots of my life with it-but its overkill in a big way for deer if you like to save as much meat as possible which i do

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