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300 weatherby mag

Hello, I was just curious if anybody could give me some advive on how to cite my new 300 weatherby mag in. I am shooting remington 180 grain core-lokt. I am going to hunt in wyoming next season and just wondering if i could get some help on the proper techniques on the distance i should cite my rifle in at. Thanks.

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Re: 300 weatherby mag

Welcome to BGH.

I sight in everything for max point blank range at some size target depending on what I'm hunting. By doing that you get all the range you can get from the cartridge while keeping it in the kill zone from 0 yds to the MPBR. If you use a MPBR @ an 8" target, the bullet would never rise more than 4" and would be 4" low @ 337 yds. That's using a 180 gr Hornady SPBT and using it's ballistic coefficent. Zero would be at 289 yds and the bullet would be 3.1" high @ 100 yds.

@ 150 yds bullet is 3.9" high

@ 350yds bullet is 5.2" low

you should go out and shoot at these distences to make sure your load is doing this. Depending on your bullet and actual velocity, it may not do this but will be close. I choseb the 180 gr Horndy and a top velocity for the 300 Weatherby just to use as an example. If you know the actual velocity of the load you'll be using and the bullet, I might get closer. You can rely on factory balistics but then the data is only close due to the velocity is probably under what is advertised. Not a big problem, just sight in at 3" high @ 100 yds and shoot at all the distence's to 350 yds and you'll know where your at.

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300 WBY

Really like the 300 WBY
Wore one out then Weatherby rebarrel it for me

Sighting in

Really depends on the range your shots are taken.

For woods hunting zero at 100 yards

Suggest go to the Hornady ballistics calculator and run the numbers.

I routinely shoot moose from 400 to 500 yards so I zero in 4" high at 100 yards.

Start at zero at 22 yards this should get you 3" to 4" high at 100 yards /you need to run the numbers in the calculator

Good hunting

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