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300 weatherby loads

I just reloaded some shells with a new powder..Reloader 25. I reloaded 85gr of Re25 with 180gr combined Tech ballistic tip with CCI mag primers. I started to site my gun in at 50 yards and got it dialed in 1inch high and moved to 100yds and the first three shots about 6 inches high. Anyone know why it would be that high? THanks

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300 weatherby loads

I would sight in at 100 yards, fine tune, then if you want, crank one out at 50 yards and see how it looks.
I don't use reloader 25, so I have no experience on the attitude it possesses.Others will no doubt be of some assistance to you.

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300 weatherby loads

I would guess it's something to do with the way your shooting. At 3000fps and 1" high @ 50yds, it should be+2.5 @ 100. What are you using for a rest?

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