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300 Weatherby help

Hi everyone,

I'm planning on buying a 300 Weatherby Mark V however cannot decide between a fibermark or regular mark v. I'm wondering what the difference is between the stock and barrels if anyone can help me out? I have read up on weatherby.com website but I cannot find enough information on their website to know the big differences between the two and what makes the fibermark more expensive. Any help, the good, bad, indefferent about the two would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: 300 Weatherby help

By "regular mark v" I assume you mean the "mark v synthetic". If this is the case the fibermark has a stock similar to the accumark with a more solid feel and texturing for easier grip. The mark v synthetic stock is similar to a vanguard synthetic stock in feel and finish. The accumark stock looks and feels the same as the fibermark, but the fibermark lacks the spiderweb texture.

The action and barrel should be identical between the two models.

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Re: 300 Weatherby help

I believe that Fibermark has Fiberglass/Kevlar/Aramid whatever composite stock, the synthetic has a cheaper plastic injection molded stock. Theoretically the Fibermark is a stronger stock for heavy recoiling rifles. The ad hype also makes the Fibermark sound like it's bedded a little better or at least has billar bedding. I don't think the Synthetic has any sort of special bedding, just screwed into the stock.

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