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300 SAUM & bullet/ammo selection for elk

Looking for some advice on ammo/bullet selection in 300 Rem. SAUM for an upcoming elk hunt. Ammo is tough to come by though I'm looking at Rem Premiere 150 & 165 Core-Lokts; 180 Premiere Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded; and Nosler Customs in 180 partitions. I don't handload. The Remington 165 and 180 shoot well in my gun. Haven't shot the Remington 150 and Nosler 180.

Also, all things being equal, how much better is this caliber over the 30-06 or 308 for elk?

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Re: 300 SAUM & bullet/ammo selection for elk

I'd go with the 180 Bonded that you know shoots well. The 150 and 165 is too light for a fast cartridge like yours. There's too much potential for disaster with those bullets. Will they work if everything goes right? Of course, but at the higher velocities, combined with a potential quartering shot, you're asking too much for it. Going with that 180 bonded solves both problems with heavier construction and lower velocity.
How much better is this chambering? I've seen elk taken with .300 Mags, .30-06s and a .308. They all did fine, but your .300 SAUM gives you a little better trajectory a little more energy, and little more penetration (provided you go with the right bullet). So I don't know how much better it is, but it's a good round, in a nice short action package.
Oh, and with an oddball like that, you should find someone near you who does reload or take it up for yourself.

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Re: 300 SAUM & bullet/ammo selection for elk

I have seen what a 165 core lokt did to my fathers raghorn bull at just under 100 yards and it was outstanding. Pass through with an exit the size of my fist and a baseball sized hole through the vitals with massive trauma. I wouldnt go lower in weight than that and would agree with exbio's opinion of going with the 180 if it shoots as well as the 165. Depending on your recoil tolerance the extra 15gr might just be enough to push it over your flinching limit plus it will shoot flatter. Long story short 165 or 180 will work just fine.

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