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30+" Colorado mulie

still dreamin'! Brick Wall,)

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30+" Colorado mulie

Congrats on a fine buck. Very nice looking.

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30+" Colorado mulie

Nice buck!! I'm from Golden & know what you mean about big bucks in the foothills west of Denver. I had two nice ones spend all of January eating the wife's shrubs in my front yard. Only trouble is, everything is private property, the entire foothills area has been invaded by anti-hunters, and the area has been one of the CWD hotspots. Other than those few minor details, this place is a hunter's haven.

At any rate, I realize that not only are you to be congratulated on harvesting this buck, you're to be congratulated on figuring out where and how to hunt in the area. Not just anyone puts out the effort it takes to find the small plots of public propety or get permission to hunt the private property there. Results like these show you've done your homework. Hang him on your family room wall and take a picture to the office. You've definitely earned braggin' rights on him.

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30+" Colorado mulie

Nice buck!

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30+" Colorado mulie

Super buck Thumbs up

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30+" Colorado mulie


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30+" Colorado mulie

Awesome Buck!

Does it take alot of preference points to get a tag where you shot your buck.

I'm from Fl and still gathering info on where to hunt mulies.


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Re: Answers
polymerfish wrote:


Where can I find info on mulies downed this year in CO?

The DOW will have a map of mulie kills submitted for CWD testing.
I don't know if they will share the info.
I don't know if they record whether it was a trophy or anything else besides kill location.

Nice Buck!!

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30+" Colorado mulie

Nice buck!

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30+" Colorado mulie

nice deer, we dont see to many of those here in oregon Thumbs up

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