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30-30 for wild pig?

I used a Marlin 30/30 lever action to get my first pig two years ago...One shot, one kill...The pig was dropped about 75 yards away and never got up...By the time that I ran over to him, he was DRT= Dead Right There...Next time I am going to try out my .308 sniper rifle...I cant wait... lol

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30-30 for wild pig?

i just went and shot my friend's marlin lever action in 30/30. my first time shooting a marlin and i thought the action was very smooth and i liked the trigger. lucky for me he wants to sell it.

anyhow, we were shooting 160-grain lever evolution rounds and they performed good on paper. i'm a decent shot, and i was able to hold 1 1/4" groups at 100 yards. the groups were actually 3" high on the target though, since he has his scope sighted in at 200 yards. he told me that the new lever evolution rounds have a soft, more aerodynamic tip which keeps them safe in the tube and increases velocity.

he then told me that he only sighted in at 200 yards to test the new rounds, but that he generally keeps his 30/30 sighted in at 100 yards. he has taken bear, pig, and deer with that particular rifle, all within 100 yards and none of which required a second shot. don't know if this helps at all, but that is my recent shooting experience with the 30/30.

in fact, i've got a weatherby .270 which i bought for pig/deer hunting, but i'm also thinking about taking the marln 30/30 of his hands for some more up close shooting. i live in Ca too and know that there could be anywhere from a 10 yard to a 250 yard shot. guess we'd be better off having enough toys to cover all possibilities!

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