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30-30 for elk
remington wrote:
170 gr nosler partions and the 30/30 is a sweet brush rifle for elk.

Yeppers. I'll agree with you.

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30-30 for elk

My dad shot a Elk back in 1999 with a 30-30. No problems to report, it ran about 45yds and died. The 30-30 works fine for Elk up to 100yds.

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30-30 for elk

I shot my first elk with a 30-30 with 165gr bullet, 150yrds out 1 shot down it went. this was 13yrs ago. now i use 30.06 for all hunting

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30-30 for elk
WyoJoe wrote:
remington wrote:
170 gr nosler partions and the 30/30 is a sweet brush rifle for elk.

Yeppers. I'll agree with you.

Me too,,,,starting out at 2200 fps, it has roughly 2000 fps and 1500 ft/lbs left @100yds. More than adequate in my opinion. On broadside shots, one might push the range a bit farther, but I certainly wouldn't hesitate using it for short range, 100yds or less.


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My first elk hunt. I had a fancy Mark V Weatherby and my grandfather had a 30-30 that he traded a half a bottle of whiskey for. He was old and crusty and thought spending that much money on a Weatherby was stupid. Right on time an Elk stepped out 30-30 went bang and just under 200 yards a lung shot that went straight through killed that elk. Grampa then started to say now what more can your rifle do that mine can't. Ever since then my attitude has been a little warped.

I still have one of his boxes of 30-30 160 grain lead I believe

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I didnt have any ammo for my .308 and decided to run to the hills the very last day of the season. but I had ammo for my Savage 30-30, old rugged looking rifle some one had painted in camo, no scope--had iron site and shot a cow at about 75-100 yards w/ one shot.

The blues are right in my back yard so I made it to work before noon, luckily I had a partner w/ me to help, I gutted it, dragged it to rig, brought it to partners house, skinned it, chopped her up, hung it, went home, took shower, and then was to work by 11am.

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30-30 for elk

If your going to use a 30-30 on elk, I would at least go to the heavier 170 grain nosler loads.

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