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30-30 ballistics

a lot of people think that since a 30-30 does'nt shoot a bullet at blazing speed that it won't do the job. Take a look at the foot pounds of energy and you'll see that it's better than a lot of other calibers if you shoot at the ranges it was intened for. the core loct remingtons are fine as they shoot a heavier bullet than the hornady rounds that being said the lever revolution ammo is good stuff too. in short if he keeps the range within reason and is a good shot he will be fine. my hunting partner is taking a .243 because thats all he has, it's the smallest legal caliber and a poor choice for elk, he has used it before with mixed results. I look at the 30-30 as superior to a .243 because of the heavier bullet, taking a spare gun is a good Idea anyway. good luck and good hunting!!! 

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Thanks for this info.  I

Thanks for this info.  I never realized the ability of the 30-30.  Always considered it a deer rifle and nothing more.  Sounds to me like it has alot of potential when used as you all stated.  Happy hunting.

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Some guys think a 30-06 isn't

Some guys think a 30-06 isn't enough for elk. They must be lousy shots, or think the kill zone is in the butt. Big smile

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Now that's funny!

Now that's funny! lol

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I agre with everyone else on

I agre with everyone else on the use of the old 30-30. I have never used one on elk but did take my first deer with one and 2 years ago my dad and I both used one to take a mule deer each. I was absolutely surprised with the level of performance it displayed when used within the ranges it was intended for.

What I do get a kick out of thoug is saying that certain bullets are too expensive. I agree they are not needed in this case but with the price that will be paid for the elk permit and everything else that goes with it the slight extra cost of premium shells is very minimal.

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