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30-30 acky &bear

First off I was lucky enough to draw a Vermont Moose tag. I am going to have 5 days for scouting, during that period black bear season and bird season is open.

Going to use a 24 Savage in 30-30acky with 12ga. as a saddle gun

My question is, would the 30-30 acky with nosler or other high-end boat tail bullets be efficient enough for bear.

150G bullet with velocities of 2700 fps muscle velocity
2496 fps with 2075 ft lbs energy at 100 yards
2301 fps with 1763 ft lbs energy at 200 yards
2115 fps with 1490 ft lbs energy at 300 yards


180 bullet with velocities 2300 fps muscle velocity
2140 fps with 1830 ft lbs energy at 100 yards
1986 fps with 1577 ft lbs energy at 200 yards
1838 fps with 1351 ft lbs energy at 300 yards

the 150 grain bullets seems to have more energy
and a flatter projector.

yes, could user 12 ga. slug also.
no, not going to use 30-30 acky for Moose hunting will use a 338 ult mag at that time.

Or should I just forget birds for camp meat & carry the 338 for scouting as will?


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30-30 acky &bear

Carry the 338 for bear and a 22 pistol for sm. game! Just an idea.

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30-30 acky &bear

30-30 is plenty of gun.. The 150 will be enough, but if you dont hit neck or head, it will run and tracking will be involved.. The 170 or 180 will penetrate better.. I killed a black bear last year with a 30-30.. ofcourse I was only 10 yards from it.. look into hornady's leverevolution if your savage will accept them Thumbs up

I bought a 450 marlin for this year..

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