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30-06 OR. 270???

Here's the difference between the 270 & 30.06 @ 300yards.
150 gr Nosler Partition in the 270 has 1736 ft/lb energy
180 gr Nosler Partition in the 30.06 is 1865 ft/lb energy
These are Federal load data.

I never met a moose tough enough to take a hit from either bullet and live to talk about it, And I've met quite a few moose

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30-06 OR. 270???
cam69conv wrote:
Ok Ill say it again

The Key to a 30/06 is HAND LOADING. With variant hand loads You can EASILY beat the .270 in trajectories as well. Does the 30.06 Kick harder that a .270? Thats according to the Load and the weight of the rifles. One of My .270's kicks like a dern mule because its only 6 pounds! Now, when it comes to just gettin factory loads the yes the .270 can be a better rifle in SOME INSTANCES...But he was talking about a rifle for things up to moose size. Now granted yes there have been Moose Taken with a .270 but is it a round that should be used? Not in my opinion for the simple reason of kinetic energy. It just doesnt have the weight for the massive bone structure of a moose. Now yes perfect placement of a .270 is very deadly but how many of us are perfect? Why take a chance? If you have a choice, choose the right tool for the job or dont take on the job!

I am running under the assumption that all other things would be equal so we are strictly comparing calibers. If you are handloading for the .30-06 then we should be compairing handloading for the .270 as well.

3-4 inches may not sound like a lot but that very well may be the difference between making a clean kill and wounding an animal that gets away or maybe even missing completely. The trajectory of the .270 gives you a much larger max point blank range to work with making hunting much simpler since you don't really have to figure out the trajectory of your bullet for up to roughly 300yds.

There is almost no game in North America that you can't reasonably take with the .270. And those few items like grizzlies that you wouldn't want to use a .270 on you really wouldn't want to be using a .30-06 either.

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30-06 OR. 270???

Sittin here lookin at my speer book I looked up Loads and speed data for both the .270 150 grain and the 30.06 150 grain....Speeds were 46fps different...Aint gonna get 2 or 3 inch difference in that minute' amount of difference. Now....Everyone is going to factory load data while anyone knows that the best potential for any weapon is to hand load. I figured up the kenetic energy on the 200 grain speer grand slam to be 2462fp....Thats damn near 800 fp difference to the 150 grain (big as you can load) .270 at top load....Basicly thats like comparing a Ball peen hammer to a 16 pound suzy...Again Ive said several times that the .270 IN THE RIGHT HANDS can be used on moose sized game and very well has been...But which would you rather have...A weapon that you know you will have to precisely hit behind the shoulder on a quartering away shot...or a weapon that you know you can hit that animal square in the shoulder and drop the hammer on him all quick n pretty? Also...If Im hunting where I can hunt moose there are also gonna most likely be large bears in the area since they share common grounds...Im gonna want to have a rifle that I know will drop a charging bear in a hurry and that old 30.06 would sure make my old heart feel much better loaded up with some 200 grainers than a lil 150 grain from a .270. Now Ive said this at least 5 times....I AINT KNOCKIN THE .270 I love mine and wouldnt trade them for anything...But they have their place and thats hunting 0-300 yards for whitetail, lopes,and mulies....For the Bigger fellers I come out with the .30 calibers and for the really big suckers the .444 up close n personal Thumbs up

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30-06 OR. 270???

Actually, calling a difference that small ballistic superiority is absolutely ridiculous. If that small a difference actually affects the shooter, then he/she screwed up by attempting the shot in the first place. In fact, the maximum point-blank ranges for the two rounds are very close, in fact, I think it is about 30 feet. Hell, if your gun has a 200-yard zero, then you're going to be six or seven inches low with either round.

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3006 or 270

Hammer1 has the 270 and thenail has the 30-06 . Both excellent hunting rifles We don't even argue who has the best rifle We both do

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300 or 270 WSM

Today I would be asking 270 WSM or 300 WSM?

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30-06 OR. 270???

30 odd fan here so you know what I'm gonna say!!

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30-06 OR. 270???

I own a nice model 70 classic sporter in 270wsm. Very Potent round ! I have no problem with Elk or Deer. Yes

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30-06 OR. 270???

How about a compromise with something not so ordinary and dull like the -06 or 270. The -06 is that caliber that can work for nearly everything but is not the best at anything...boring. But, if you seek versatility, go with the -06. Now, as for compromising, I've got four alternatives that I would choose over both of your choices. They are as follows and in a respective order in terms of my personal favoritism; 35 Whelen, 338 Federal, 7-08, and the 338-06. I don't know if you are a handloader, but if you aren't, these may not be very viable options. Sometimes rifles in these cals are hard to come by, but all of them can easily be converted from an -06 or a 308. Oh yeah, why not consider the 308? I know this is a little off topic, but I'm just not one for the plain jane cals.. However, I will tell you that I would prefer the 30-06 over the 270 because of less meat damage (if we are talking about a 270 mag), and the 30-06 can easily be altered to several superior calibers. Yes

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30-06 OR. 270???

If you are planning on shooting ONLY 150 grain bullets out of either, then there is absolutely no difference in ballistics between the two. In fact with 150 grainers the .270 is (in theory anyway) marginally superior due to it's better sectional density. If however you want greater versitility heavier bullet weight for larger game, then go with the .30-06.

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