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30-06 Howa - Ammunition


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30-06 Howa - Ammunition

I've read a lot of horror stories about excessive tissue damage from the Silvertips. That accuracy is hard to get around though. Think

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30-06 Howa - Ammunition

Hi all, thought I'd post a follow-up piece on my 30-06 Howa Rifle.

OK, so the gun itself is delightfully engineered and the barrel is as accurate as any I've fired, but I had mine screw-cut for a moderator and that's where the problem started. The rifle is fantastic at the range, but when being shot in anger, the added weight of the silencer on the barrel caused the retaining screw on the stock to work loose, and stopping to re-assemble your rifle gets old pretty quick!

So, I had a word with Mark Westall, owner of Top Gun and Rod and a chap I go stalking with, and he came up with a Realtree stock from Edgar Bros as shown in the picture. The original stock by Hogue was soft and flexible - this is ridgid and makes the rifle much more useable - so now I've got the gun I wanted in the first place - excellent!

In this picture = Mark Westall (left) Bill Boyce, an excellent stalker of Roe and Muntjak (centre) and Yours Truely with my rifle (right)

BTW - WLFDG, you have a point as I've found that at close-range the BST's just tear up the meat on smaller Deer - best keep these for Wildebeest and Gemsbok I think!

Cheers folks,

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30-06 Howa - Ammunition

Had a Howa years ago I used as a back up gun for deer and it was an 06. I was not a reloader and am just contemplating getting in to it now. I found after shooting a lot of stuff the Fedral match ammo was very accurate getting about 1/2 an inch at a hundred yards. Unfortunately it is not the best hunting bullet being designed for aeordynamics rather than terminal performance.. Never tried the silvertips though. As the fellow before me stated all firearms shoot differently and your rifle just needs to be experimented with to find what it likes.

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