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welp fellas she is done
after spending most of the winter i have spark in the pan.
1752 english fowler
stock is fancy maple
barrel is 20 gages 42 in octagon to round
all steel hardware with a L&R queen annn style lock





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She looks good !!!!!!!!!!

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Looks nice Capt, what did you have to do to get it to that condition?

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This is the first one I have built that wasn’t a kit.

I went down the list of parts at track of the wolf and said I want this this and this.
All the steal came in cast form. The L&R lock was ready to go but I had to polish up the lock plate frizen cock all of that.
I bought their AAA+ curly maple stock that they said was fully inleted, well it wasn’t.
While the ramrod hole was drilled the for stock was still in the square for easy of drilling I really liked that. The stock though inleted to the octagon to round barrel did not seat well so I had to re soot the barrel and cut in the tang. In fact the barrel didn’t seat at all, same with all the hardware although there was inletting nothing fit.

The barrel still had all the tool marks on it from the CNC so all that had to me sanded out. I then had to silver solder the front site and bottom barrel lugs on and then browned the whole barrel. The bore was pretty good only needed a little polishing.

No holes were drilled either in the lock, tang, trigger, barrel or stock so all those needed lined up, drilled and tapped including the flash hole, that was the scary part LOL.
All the ramrod barrels are also polished and after finishing the polishing I found out last seat wouldn’t line up with the hole so it had to be recessed and the whole stock taken down even more. Like I said some of the inletting was there but all needed to go down another ¼ inch for the parts to fit.
Once that was done the for stock was brought down to ruff, that was really the easy part. Once I had all that done I still had a good 1/8 of an inch to take of the entire stock before I could start to finish the stock. I then finished the stock with an oak stain with had rubbed tongue oil

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