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3-4 fawns per doe?

I just read that does everytime they are bred have 3-4 fawns each time..Is this true? If it is it seems to me the deer population would be upping ALOT more than it is, just looking for some answers.

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3-4 fawns per doe?

No it isnt true. 1-2 is normal triplets are not unheard of but not common.

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3-4 fawns per doe?

I did have one doe that would drop trips every time but as Hat said that is HIGHLY unusual....and Usually one would die

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3-4 fawns per doe?

Unless you have them fence in alone by them self, there is no way to tell how many fawns a doe has except through a DNA test. Whitetail does are great mothers and will let fawns, other than their own, nurse.

Young, first time mothers, generally have 1 fawn and then afterwards normally have twins. Having 3, or even 4 does happen on occasion.

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3-4 fawns per doe?

from my understanding it is more normal for a doe to have twins than a single fawn, not sure about trips or quads....

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3-4 fawns per doe?

I know it depends on the location as well. In Alabama our deer heard is so large that quite a few does on our property from year to year have triplets, but most of them usually drop 1 or 2.
We even had a 3 legged doe for the longest time who had triplets every year until one of the IDIOT hunters that USED to be the club decided he wanted to shoot her. It was a shame. She was a great producer. She usually had 2 bucks out of the 3.

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