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3 for 3! and the Poor Man's Slam

You can bet I'm putting in for a bear tag for my area for next year too!

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3 for 3! and the Poor Man's Slam

be careful with the use of the term slam. Dennis Campbell from the grand slam club will come sue you. He sued the north american wild sheep foundation for using the term grand slam with sheep. and won.

I am just joking with you and laughing at dennis for this.

Also as far as sheep hunting and the price. Some people save all there lives and don't by new trucks and other stuff. It all depends on priorities.


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3 for 3! and the Poor Man's Slam

I have taken all the others but have had no luck with bear. I did take a lion back in 97 so I guess I'll call it good for now.
Did not get a bull this year but harvested 1 buck antelope, 1 doe deer a nice 4th season buck and a good cow.

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3 for 3! and the Poor Man's Slam

cool!! Thumbs up

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3 for 3! and the Poor Man's Slam

One year I got an antelope, deer, and elk.
Another year I got a bighorn, antelope, and elk.

I only hunt ungulates but in one season I'd like to fill bighorn, antelope, deer, and elk tags.

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