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2nd Season success

  It was a tough hunt the first week I was getting discouraged not seeing very many deer and lots of hunters. I was lucky because I didn't have school thursday and friday which gave me a 4 day week to hunt. After getting some cooler weather I started seeing more deer and thursday around noon I shot my buck. I decided to hike up in a few draws I had seem deer in before. After hiking in a few with not much luck I was about to give up and eat some lunch and find another area to hunt tell the afternoon but I kept having this feeling that I needed to hike and check into one more draw. So I decided to hike and as soon as I made it to the top right away I see a nice 3 point buck that was with some does he was feeding on some brush for a while. He beded on an angle that I could not get a shot from so I decided I would sneek down to this rock cropping to see if I could get a shot as I made it I still could not get a shot but I looked strait down and see I have alerted two more deer. I slowly raise my binoculars and find it was a bigger buck and he was 150 yds down broadside from me. So I got ready to take a shot using this rock as my rest, there was only one problem I was getting buckfever and it was hitting me hard. The adrenaline made it very hard for me to stay steady so I kneeled down and closed my eyes and asked my dad to give me strength and to be able to make a quick shot. I get repositioned and steady my rifle once again but this time I had enough time to tighten up and fire off a shot. I squeeze slowly and fire, I see the buck kicking on the ground. I had dropped him in his tracks. I spined him but it being a downward angle I ended up nicking the liver gut area as the bullet exited the otheside. It has been a tough year after loosing my dad earlier this year and It has been extremely tough not having him by my side hunting with me this year. He was the best hunting buddy I could ever ask for. I thank him for keeping me strong and helping me have a succesful deer hunt this year, I know he would be proud. I also had a cow tag but didnt have much luck but I still can hunt the later season in december so I am hoping I also with be succesful with that hunt. My buck is not as big like some of the deer you guys have been shooting but I am proud of him. He is my 2nd buck and biggest to date. Thumbs up

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Sorry, I posted it twice on the mule deer forum so I tried to delete one but it looks like it is still there!

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Congratulations!! That is a

Congratulations!! That is a fantastic buck no matter how long you have been hunting and I'm sure you dad would be overflowing with pride in what you accomplished. I hunted half my life before I got one even close to that big so you have done very well for sure. Congratulaations again on a job well done ond hope you can get that cow tag filled as well later on.

You may have said before but what area do you hunt out of?

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Congrats on a super muley ! Thumbs up My wife and son took theres on Thursday also. Congrats again and I know your father has a grin from ear to ear and would be very proud of you !


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I admire your strength and courage and your ability to keep it together and get it done, with your Dad's help of course. That is a beautiful buck you should be very proud and I have no doubt your Dad is!

Great job and keep on trucking!

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thanks for all the nice comments, It is awsome to see a lot of hunters on this forum that have also done really well on there hunts so far. Good luck to all you if you still have hunts to come! I can't wait to read all the stories to come. Hunter, I hunted up in the rifle area.

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That is a great story and a

That is a great story and a great looking buck. Congratulations on bagging him and him being your biggest to date. Sorry to hear about losing your dad and I know that is rough but he is and always will be with you and part of your hunts. As long as he is in your heart he will always be part of your hunts and your kids hunts in the years to come. Thanks for sharing and good luck in future hunts. 

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Well done... and you know you

Well done... and you know you made your Dad proud. That's a great buck and one to be proud of. Congratulations!

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Wow, that is anawesome buck! 

Wow, that is anawesome buck!  A big congrats to you!!!

Sorry to hear about your Dad.  My Dad is 64, and I still hope we have 10-15 years together in the woods.  I can't imagine being out there without him. Who knows, maybe he was looking down on you. Once you made the extra effort to go after the 3 point, and he saw you were committed, then he rewarded you with that bruiser buck!

I would put that in a special place.  He's a dandy!  Outstanding!

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As a dad I can tell you that your dad is proud of you!

Wow! That is an awesome buck! He’s a wall hanger for sure in my book – high rack with lost of spread and tines. He is very impressive. Congratulations on not giving up and for getting settled enough to make the shot count. Even some of us that have been hunting as long as you have been alive still struggle with buck fever! It is hard losing those who we care about. My granddad was my hunting mentor and every hunting season brings me feeling close to him again. As a dad I can tell you that your dad is proud of you whether you make the shot or not, but it is awesome that you collected a great buck. Some guys hunt for our whole lives without connecting with a buck that nice. Be proud, and you are right on target to stay thankful for being blessed with him! Congratulations again! Thumbs up

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You sure made your dad

You sure made your dad proud.

Congrats on your harvest!!!