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2nd or 3rd season

Never having a chance to hunt these seasons I really havent done any research on them. I was wondering how much pressure these seasons get. Because of the dry weather I will be done farming very early and will be able to hunt one of these seasons for the first time. just wondering what some of you out their prefer between the two seasons.Any info would be appreciated thanks.

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I have hunted 2ND season a bunch of times, there is a lot of pressure, but, it seems like most guys don't get more them a quarter mile off the road. So if you get in a ways, you get away from most of them. it is still a fun hunt.


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check the stats

On average there's a whole lot fewer hunters out for 3rd season, but each unit varies quite a bit.  Check the stats on the unit you're thinking about hunting.

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My experience has been to sit

My experience has been to sit out the first few days. Especially the first weekend. You'll lose about half the hunters after that. at least it seems like you do. I have a 2nd season OTC tag that wasn't planned, but it's all I have. I'll hunt from Tues to Friday, and hope I can find some ares with few hunters. I don't really have much hope, but my fingers are crossed.

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It all depends on the weather

In my experience it's one of those crap shoots that all depends on what the weather is going to do. I like the 1st rifle season but it can often be very warm at that time, along with a lot of pressure. I also like the 2nd season because it has 2 weekends, but if there is an early snow then it pushes the elk out of the area that I like to hunt (although if you catch it just right it can be great hunting as the elk move through). As was mentioned, the second weekend of the 2nd season or mid week is usually a lot less pressure than the opening weekend. The 3rd season you can almost count on hunting in the snow, which usually means the elk will be at lower elevations, but some guys love to hunt with snow on the ground, and according to the stats there is often the highest success rates in 3rd season. So it becomes a matter if you like hunting (or are prepared) for tough conditions to hunt 3rd season.

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I like the 3rd season the

I like the 3rd season the best, if I don't draw a 1st season tag. The week break between the 2nd and 3rd lets the elk get back into a normal route. However, the past few seasons I have been trying for a 4th season tag. With any of the later rifle seasons it seems there is just enough snow to restrict 4WD, or walking access to the high country and not enough to force the elk to lower elevations. If you can wait until you get a good snow forecast and then plan your trip for either the 2nd or 3rd season. It always seems to snow between Oct. 30 and Nov. 5.

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You hope. I gave up trying to

You hope. I gave up trying to predict Colorado mountain weather.

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Predicating the weather for

Predicating the weather for here in Colorado is easy. 

Fall/Winter forecast:  Partly cloudy with a chance of snow or rain.

Spring forecast:  Partly cloudy with a chance of rain or snow.

Summer forecast:  Partly cloudy with a chance of rain/hail. 

Mountains forecast for all the seasons.  Partly cloudy with a chance of rain, snow, hail, or thunderstorms.  Temperature's can be hot or cold depending.


I have lived here in Colorado for 26 years now and have seen it snow every month of the year.   

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You nailed it critter.

You nailed it critter.

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