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2nd Bull Elk called in!!! Help!!

Went out for last week of Archery and finally had my first Bull respond. I called a few cow calls and nothing, so I bugled and had a bull bugle back about 200 yds away. He came about 100 yds and thrashed a Birch tree then i bugled again and he came about 45 yds straight in front of me. I took a shot, shaking and was about 10 inches to low and he took of, but bugled twice more as he was leaving. Not sure what I did wrong. I tried to be quiet and was not able to get in closer before he got there. Nice 6x6 bull.
Went out today and cow called a few times to start and heard some limbs breaking. I tried to get in closer and heard the bull bugle . I cow called a couple more time and he came in, he was 5x5 but massively large. I couldnt get in position so i bugled and broke some limbs trying to move closer. I thought maybe if I wasnt careful that he would think I was another Bull but he saw me and took off .
Any suggestions on how to get close to the Bulls for Archery? With a gun , they would have been down easily. I mostly hunt alone, so having someone else call for me is not much of an option.
I enjoy my solitude plus the fact that I have a great Elk hot spot that I am not willing to share and have 30 guys hunting next season!
Any suggestions would be great!!
I have never seen a wild elk until last week and never heard a bull bugle in the wild. What a great experience!!!

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2nd Bull Elk called in!!! Help!!

My first suggestion to you is don't miss, in all seriousness it sounds like you've done a great job getting them up close, it's hard to close the deal on a nice bull, I had a 350 plus bull two weeks ago 30 yards in front of me, when he finally walked into my shooting lane, he turned and looked right at me, I was busted. before I could do anything he bolted. Oh well.

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