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2nd Bear question...

I shot my 1st Bear with a bow last fall on openning day. It is at the Taxidermists now. I shot the 6 year old Cinnamon Black Bear after calling it in with a predator call. It was such a great rush being charged by the bear twice before it gave me a broadside shot. I cant wait to go out for spring bear in North Idaho in about a month, but I am not sure what to do with another bear skin. Dont think the wife would allow another bill from the taxidermist for a bear! Does anyone know if a fur buyer would buy a bear cape? Or any other ideas on what to do (besides the meat)? Thanks and happy hunting.

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2nd Bear question...

You can sell the hide yes, but i dont think one can have to many bear skins, ok well i do but i have a floor hide, then another lays on my bed.
Have one full mounted of shoulder mounted for your wall. Alot of options, remeber they all are trophies to you a family memeber or close friend would apprecaite a bear hide gift rather to selling to some "dude" to buy and make up a hunting story to go along with his new bought hide.

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