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.280 remington

I do want a new gun and im strongly leaning toward a 7mm-08. I just was very impressed with results of the 280rem. I think any caliber is sufficeint on whitetail with proper shot palcement.

Heres a little experience I had this past season with the ole .06. I spotted a nice buck working toward me at about 100+yds but didnt want to shoot him in the chest so i waited for a broadside shot. The buck never gave me a broadside shotand vanished into the brush. It was starting to get dark so I took the next deer that showed up. A nice doe popped up 50yds away so I took the shot dropping her in her tracks I waited a second before going to retrieve her. When I got to her she was looking right dead at me trying to get up a run. I made a bad shot and hit her in the left ham. The core lokt did a number on her if only it would have been in the bread basket. To make a long story short I have been spening a lot more time shooting my rifle. It doesnt matter how big your rifle is if you cant put it where it counts your wasing time.

Practice make perfect

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.280 remington

I would say that that doe taught you a very valueable lesson. I have seen far to many peole that would accept that as an ancoring shot and just glad to have got the game. You are 100% correct!

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