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270 wsm with 140gr nosler accubonds, wow this thing works.

Back in 2005 i bought myself a christmas present.  a stainless ruger m77 with black synthetic scope in 270 wsm.  I put a leupold vx-ii scope on it.  4x12 lrd. 

I had around $900 total on the gun, buying it new. scope, gun, sling. 

It has since been scratched, used and abused, taken some falls, been a walking stick and keeps hitting what i aim it at.   i have been extremely impressed with this rifle setup. 

This gun has turned into my go to rifle.  the accubonds just work.  great bullet. 

lots of deer, some sheep and a bear have fallen to this gun, I need to try it elk hunting, but i keep grabbing my trusty old .338 for that. 

any one else liking this caliber?





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About two years ago I found a great deal on a NIB Rem Model Seven Whitetail Shot Show special from '07. It's got a laminate stock and 22" fluted medium contour barrel. I've not yet fired it at anything besides paper, but I was impressed by it's moderate recoil and the nice small groups it has given me with 130gr SPs thus far. I have a few more boxes of 150s I've yet to try. I put an Elite 4200 3-9x40 on top and the set-up seems to work well together.

I just need to see what performance on deer will be. I'm sure it will be great, without a doubt. It's an excellent chambering with a lot of uses, I'm convinced. Kind of like a .270 Win on steroids.  Dancing

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I had to get a WSM as soon as

I had to get a WSM as soon as they came out to have a magnum without a useless belt.  When the Kimber Montana was announced I had to have one in a WSM.  I got the 270 WSM even though I am not a 270 fan.  I did shoot a big deer with it.  The rifle is accurate and easy to shoot well.

Howver I really wanted a 7mmWSM so now I have one.

The 270  WSM is really just another cartridge and a good one.

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If you fire a good bullet

If you fire a good bullet designed to operate at the velocities your cartridge reaches and you properly place that bullet, the dia. of the bullet and the size and shape of the case will have nothing to do with the out come.

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I just picked up a used but

I just picked up a used but what looks to be unfired Tikka with laminated stock. I mounted up a Zeiss 4.5x14 and ordered a box of the accubonds to try out.

I hope for this to be my new long range antelope rifle for this year.

The factory trigger on the Tikka rifles is unbelievable once you adjust it down.


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