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270 wsm ?

270 WSM ?
Hello all ! I just moved to Seattle and I want to do some serious hunting. Im 25 and have lived in Wisconsin my whole life. I currently own a very nice Sako AV deluxe in 7mm rem mag with Leupold mk3. Last Xmass I baught myself I really nice Winchester model 70 classic sporter in the 270 wsm caliber... with the pre64 action ! I love this rifle ! I put a Zeiss conquest on it and I shoot 1" groups at 100 yds using 150gr nosler partitions. Ive talked to some people who say I need atleast a .284 for elk is this true? the 270 wsm has very high velocity and compares to my 7mm. I was also told it should be good to go if I use premium ammo so I bought some. Im a little confused. Think I should also mention that I am not a novice marksmen. I grew up hunting in a area that it is not uncommen to shoot deer at ranges that exceed 300+ yards. Any help with this delema would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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270 wsm ?

I have killed 2 deer with my 270 wsm. should be fine for elk. Just use good shot placement.


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270 wsm ?

The 270 and 270 wsm are great for elk. Whoever told you that you need at least a .284 is wrong. Make sure you shoot a bullet that doesn't explode and you'll be set.

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270 wsm ?

.270 wsm is Elk medicine i think. A .270 win mag will also do the trick. Elk are not hard to take down they are just as vulnerable as whitetail. If you place a shot just behind the shoulder he'll probaly lay over right there. The thing is with smaller cal bullets such as the .270 try to stay away from shoulder shots. There is nothing wrong but generally sholder shots never exit with smaller cals

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270 wsm ?

I've never used mine on an Elk but I have a good friend that swears by his with with 150gr Ballistic Silver Tips. Of course the bullet will need to shoot out of your rifle with some accuracy. I believe there is also a Failsafe offering, which would be my choice for busting through bone.
If you do your own hand loading. No problem. There is an abundance of bullets suitable for larger game. Noslers Accubond and Speers Trophy Bonded Bear Claw would be my choices.

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I have shot many elk with the 270 (200fps slower than the WSM but 2 inches shorter) My last Elk was with the 140 grain fail safe at about 180yrds rangefinder. That fail safe made a hole through both shoulders and I watched a puff of smoke as it bounced off a large rock on the side of the hill. I started out with partitions and am now going back for the simple reason that most of my shots I don't shoot through the shoulder. I think what you have is about as perfect as far as elk guns go. I have watched many elkdrop with 130 grainers, it is what my Dad mostly used on elk. I think I am going to keep these Fail safes for hunting tanks or something very thick. Enjoy Washington hunting the best kept secrets as far as Elk

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