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270 WSM

I just got a tikka t3, 270WSM, it shoots really well, it seems to like 130 gr sierra boattail soft points the best, I was looking at the reloading data out of a sierra book and it says I can put 67.1 grains of RL 19 behind a 130 gr. bullet, and if you look in a Hornaday book it tells you that you can only put 61.5 grs of the same powder behind the 130 gr. bullet,, I was just wondering if anyone knew why this was so different comming from two different books but with the same grain bullet?

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270 WSM

It could be a whole lot of thing's. Difference's in bullet's, barrel's, chamber's, air temperture, powder lot's, the list's go on. The thing to remember is that for the listed component's in that particular rifle on that day, these loads were deemed safe. Determining if the load's might be safe in your rifle is something you need to do by learning to recognize pressure signs. Alway's start about 10% low and work your way up. And use the component's listed if your new to handloading. Use the manual for the bullet's your using. Avoid's a lot of confussion.

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