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270 winchester on moose

Has anybody used their 270 on moose? What loads have you used? When I draw my tag I will be using mine. I might try reloading the exact rounds that oconnor loaded for one of his moose. Or I might use my proven elk round (130 grain western silvertip).

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270 winchester on moose

This comes up once a year.
The .270 winchester is adaquate for moose, if your comfortable with using it. If its a guided hunt contact your outfitter and find out if he approves of your choice, its his territory and he knows it better then you.
I prefer a 150+ grain bullet for moose out of a .270, but If you've had success using your 130gr load on elk it can probably repeat that on a moose.

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270 moose

I've killed a couple moose with a 243 but only took a broadsided shot on each. If you reload why not load some 150 Noslers and have a real top notch rig.

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270 winchester on moose

The only rifle I use is my 270 win for deer and moose. I use only 150 gr Nosler Ballistics tips and 57.8 gr of H4831 powder.
Has never failed me.

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270 winchester on moose

If I was gonna use my 0.270 for Moose i would go with the Nosler 140 grain Accubond first and then the 150 grain Ballistic Tip second. Either on will do a fine job with proper bullet placement.

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270 winchester on moose

Any cartridge that is good enough for elk will work just fine on a moose.

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270 winchester on moose

if using 150 gr bullets you will need something strong than the thin jacketed ballistic tips and possibly thicker than the accubonds. they expand to rapidly to offer penetration on a 150 gr bullet at your velocities

just Google "ballistic tips on Moose" and you'll see.

i would try nosler partitions or banes bullets. incase you touch a few ribs or a shoulder that disintegrates the ballistic tipped bullets

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270 winchester on moose

A guy used a 270 weatherby on our moose hunt in Alaska and he dropped it with one shot. I used a 338 on mine but I was also hunting grizzlys.

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