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.270 Win Worthless on Elk!


Is thet you??? LOL!!!

I'm movin' ta Maine soon!

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.270 Win Worthless on Elk!

"AND, FYI, some people ARE sissys, ignorant, jerks, ....... but if the shoe fits where it. "

Nuff said.....

Beef', you make the claim to being an "old wise" hunter... from the looks of your grammar and communication skills I am not convinced you've even made it through high school. Congratulations on figuring out the internet!

Seriously, thanks to all who had constructive input in this thread. Now that I've dipped to this low level, I won't be posting in it anymore.

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.270 Win Worthless on Elk!

Even though the 270/elk debate is great and worthwhile, this thread is turning into a slug fest, so I'm locking it before it really turns ugly.

If you all want to try again in a new thread, fine by me. I'll say this though, while I have no problem with people disagreeing and even having heated discussion, I will not tolerate board members disrespecting other board members. Period.

If you want to see how witty you can be slamming people, there are plenty of other places on the 'net to do just that. However this isn't one of them.

If you have questions about the rules, read them here, otherwise let us move on.

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