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.270 or 30-06?

i'm new to pig hunting and have been researching as much as i can about which rifle/caliber to go with. i like the weatherby vanguard for my budget, and now i'm trying to decide between a .270 or a 30-06. any suggestions or recommendations?

i'm most interested in hunting pigs, but deer and other medium-to-large game wouldn't be out of the question. i live in Ca, where some of the pigs get pretty large. i had been leaning towards a 30-06 for the versatility, but it also sounds like the .270 is pretty darn popular also.

if given the choice between a 30-06 or a .270 for pig and deer, which would you choose?

thanks for the advice

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.270 or 30-06?

I hunted the pigs at Hunter Ligget a few times and was glad to have my 30-06 but, I don't see why a 270 wouldn't work. I knew a few guys that used 44mag behind dogs.

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.270 or 30-06?

i've saw a lot of good hogs killed with a 270

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.270 or 30-06?

Either will work but the 06 is more versatile.

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.270 or 30-06?

I started hunting pigs with a 30-06. I picked up a 7mm-08 to use while I worked on my 30-06. I really like the round. The rifle is lighter and the recoil is still less. A much more comfortable round to shoot. I took 5 pigs with it last spring. All dropped with 1 shot. Because I am able to shoot so well with the round, I changed my shot selection from lung/heart to behind the ear. Less meat damage and they drop in their tracks.

I have Savage rifles. Definitely not pretty, but, definitely functional and relatively inexpensive.

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.270 or 30-06?

Good quality bullet with the 7mm.08 and you have plenty of zombie maker for a heart lung shot as well...But between the 270 and 06 I too would have to go with the 06 because of the versatility...Can load up from 90 grainers for LiL critters up to 200 for the big critters with a HELL of alotta choices in between in both grains AND quality bullets...Not taking away from the 270....It just doesnt have that versatility of the .06 But it would be plenty for Pretty much anything you wanna shoot!!! PLACEMENT PLACEMENT PLACEMENT....Hit it right...It dies....Simple n easy.....That pig wont know if it was hit with a .270 or an 06,,,If you did your job right its just gonna know its dead...Get the one that feels most comfy to you so that you will have the utmost confidence in your shot...Good luck

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.270 or 30-06?

ive only been once in GA with my brother but I used a 06 and it was fine

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.270 or 30-06?

Well I'll put it this way: If you plan on using a 150 grain bullet for either caliber then you are duplicating each others ballistics. In fact the .270 in a 150 grain bullet has an ever so slightly better penetration ability than the .30/06 150 grain bullet does due to better sectional density because of smaller diameter for the same weight if you use bullets of the same construction. Of course I doubt that anyone including the animal will notice any difference. Both calibers in 150 grain are generally loaded to the same muzzle velocity of about 2850 ft/sec to just over 2900 ft/sec. The advantages of the .30/06 over the .270 Win is that the 30/06 is more versatile because it can be loaded with bullets weight of 150, 165, 180, and higher grains. So you can use a heavier bullets giving you higher energy transfer onto target. Big game loadings for the .270 are generally the original 130 grain bullet loading at 3050 ft/sec to 3100 ft/sec and the 150 grain bullet loaded at around 2850 ft/sec to 2900 ft/sec. Me personally I use the .270 Winchester out of my Winchester Model 70 handloaded to 3060 ft/sec with my own reloads using a Speer Grand Slam 130 grain bullet on every big game I hunt i.e pronghorn, deer, and elk. Heck it drops elk just as fast and cleanly as my buddies .300 Win Mag does. None of us have noticed any difference.

Just remember with any caliber, that shot placement is of most importance. Nothing can compensate for shot placement, no matter what you use.

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.270 or 30-06?

I beleiver either one should be fine for deer and hog. I have the vanguard 7mm Rem mag and have no problem. I really like the gun for the money. My father in law switches between a 270 and 30-06 and he has no problem taking deer or hogs.

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