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.270 Hunting loads

I just purchased a Tikka T3 Lite in a .270 win. I am wanting to find a good hunting load for that rifle. Accuracy is a must. I hunt in a variety of settings ranging form thick cover to large feilds. I need a bullet that will work for whitetails as well as large hogs. I have been using 130 grr. winchester accubond ct. I like the accuracy but have had to trail every deer that has been shot.. It seems that the short range performance is lacking. I have also used the remington psp in 130 gr but the shot grouping is not as good. I am wanting to do some hand loads with either a 150 or 160 grain bullet. What will be the best choice for hunting thick cover close range as well as long range performance? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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.270 Hunting loads

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I cannot see any advantage with the 130 or 140 grain bullets compared to 150 grainers. I think the only 160 gr bullets available for the 270 are Nosler Partitions, but there could be a few more.
Personally I reload 150 gr Nosler Ballistic tips, 57.8 gr of H4831 and Federal 30.06 cases,(no trimming required) CCI primers.
That has been my pet load since a few decades

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.270 Hunting loads

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My 270 went out the door about 1985, stolen! Never bought another. I liked the 140gr bullet, it was fairly new then. But no way could I think the 150gr might not be better. As I get older, Hammer has to be older than me Big smile , I have left the rankes of the high velocity light bullet believers.

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.270 Hunting loads

See : "sectional density"

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.270 Hunting loads

I use the 140gr accubonds and have shot several large mulies and 2 Bull elk and they put the serious smackdown on all of them.

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.270 Hunting loads

130 grain Speer Grand Slam bullets loaded atop IMR7828 powder and CCI 250 mag primers. Cases either Winchester or Remington brass. Powder measured out to yield me 3080 ft/sec (+/- 15 ft/sec) in my Model 70 Featherweight. I won't give the specific charge weight of powder since my load may be unsafe and even inaccurate in some other rifles. Have found this load to be a great and effective all-around biggame hunting load for my needs, pronghorn, deer, elk.

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IMR 4350/130gr

::whistling:  My boy shoots a Sporterized Springfield 1903 .270 IMR 4350 55.0 grains will push 130 flat and hard.  If you can stand the heat.                                   

 Ive got this Savage 10 twist .308 Any body help me out with a  nosler 220 grainer load . Ive got some varget,unique, trailboss, 4350 but not real sure were to start loading . I'm collecting meat on top of corn 100 yards about the longest shot out there.  Thanks for any old wisdom.

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Welcome to BGH.  You might

Welcome to BGH.  You might pose your question in a new thread.  This is an old one and may not get the attention of a new post. 

There are a lot of knowledgable reloaders on here so I am sure you'll get some suggestions.

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