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270 barrel length

  Hey guys, I have a TC encore custom 270 bullberry barrel that is 18 inches long, I know it is kinda short but I have seen it kill three diffrent deer out to 200 yds. It is the most accurate rifle I have ever shot and has hardly any muzzle blast because of the thick bull barrel, I love it and it is easy to hold steady when shooting and I like the compactness of it :thumbsup1: . But my Question is that it being an 18 inch barrel I know it is loosing some velocity, do you guys know how much I may be loosing compared to a normal 270 barrel ? Also my dad has always told me not to take long shots so I really try to keep my shots 200 yds or less. How far do you think I could cleanly kill a deer with it ? And I have no intention in shooting anything bigger that a deer with it, my 06 is for the elk and all other big game I may hunt, Any help and thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


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As for the Baeel lenght, you

As for the Baeel lenght, you will lose some MV, there are ways to get by that. It is called reloading, find a powder that is a little faster burning, this will allow all the poder to burn before the end of your barrel is reached.

Factory ammo is designed to burn thru a 24 in barrel (large  hunting cal). Remington producted thier :Mohawk with 18 in barrels (modle 600?) very nice rifle.

Do so research on the relaoding and you will find the pet load,

as for the distance the 270 is very capable of 300yds, the shooter must do there part

Good luck

M. Bird

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I'm suprized you don't get a lot of muzzle flash with it. Doesn't matter how much velocity you lose, you only shoot to 200yds or less. You can figure loseing 35 to 50fps per inch if barrel. As long as it works for you, I wouldn't want to know what its doing. You get a bug for something for longer range, be a good idea to get something else.

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Thanks for the help m.bird and don thanks I love this great little gun because it is a great brush gun. I was only going to use it in an area I know pretty good and the shots aren't to far! But in other situations were I will be hunting longer ranges I will bring out the 06. I just wanted to no how for I would be able to ethically take an animal with it if I were in a situation were the shot could be a little farther than 200 yds. Bust as far as muzzle blast my rifle is actually very tame because of the heavy barrel, and I found that 130 grain bullets are the sweet spot for this rifle Thumbs up

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