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.270 Ballistics

I need some information on the .270 win I shoot 130 gr Core-lokt factory loads. What I really need is a table telling the drop of the bullet from 200 on. Any help would be appreciated.

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.270 Ballistics

just check out Remington.com

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.270 Ballistics

Take the speed Remington gives and assume about 10% lower for your rifle, or chronograph 12 rounds. Try to find the BC for this bullet at Remington's and with these findings go to http://www.norma.cc/sida/eng/index.html
Here you will find your trajectory.

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.270 Ballistics

Not trying to sound rude here at all but ...

Go shoot the load at 200 yards. If you are serious about hunting shoot at 100, & 300 too. Make a few measurments and you will have the exact balllistics for that load in your gun.

Not to mention that you should be practicing anyway.

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