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I once had an old timer tell me that todays generation is too over-informed, way too over-equiped, and terribly under-skilled.

It's funny, but I think the same thing about the youngsters at my work. I don't work in a hunting field, but the sentiment is the same. I guess I'm just old before my time.

I enjoyed this thread and the varied opinions. Years back, like in my Grandfather's time, I doubt they had bonded bullets and if an elk was to be taken it was with a plain ol' lead bullet. I'm reselecting a bullet for my .300 Win Mag and learned a lot from this thread. I've been thinking I may want to change bullets in that rifle and hankering for one of the copper types. I'll let the rifle tell me which bullet to use as I'll select the most accurate load in my rifle.

Thanks for the good information.

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